Skurka Backpacking How-To Series | SIERRA DESIGNS

Directed, filmed and edited by Rob and Chelsea Jackson for Andrew Skurka and Sierra Designs

7 Minutes, this is one of 15+ videos – mostly backpacking tips, some gear demos | 2017

How should you really poop in the woods when backpacking and camping? Andrew Skurka, ultra long distance backpacker and 2007 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, explains his practical techniques and answers the basic questions: Where should you go? How should you dig a hole? With what should you wipe? How should you clean up afterwards? Skurka also presents his backcountry bidet, which is an effective technique in avoiding “monkey butt” or “swamp ass”. Other topics covered in this series include knot-tying, map and compass, finding the best campsites, recommended clothing, lightweight and delicious backcountry recipes, and many more.

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