At Jackson House Films we know that small crews can make big stories. Whether we’re filming with huge professional rigs or compact cameras, on distant islands or in our hometown, what’s most important always comes back to the story itself. Equally important is the way we treat our clients, film subjects, and colleagues. Our production house brings family values and hardworking Midwestern roots to an industry that can be difficult to navigate.

Jackson House Films was founded by Rob and Chelsea Jackson. We met while working at an adventure film production company in 2011. Fast forward twelve years and we’re married with two sons, Owen and Iver. Our young bucks are picking up tricks of the trade and our cameras already. They’ve said they want to be “filmers and editors” like their old man and mama; we will be honored if they choose to join the family business.

Whether your idea is stuck in your imagination or on a hard drive full of footage that hasn’t found the right editor, we are happy to discuss. We can take a concept and direct, produce, shoot, edit, and shepherd it to the point of delivery, or we can tackle certain steps along the way.

If you think your project could use the help of a family-run, story-centric, professional, respectful and fun production company, please give us a shout.

We are open for hire as cinematographers, editors, producers, consultants, or to brew your whole motion picture stew with our special touch of home cookin’.

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